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Block Topics & Resources for Grades 1-8


Block Topics & Resources for Grades 1-8 is a collection of suggested block topics along with favorite resources for every main lesson block and every grade of the elementary years.

Inside, you'll find a block layout for each grade with recommended block topics by month reflecting a Waldorf-inspired curriculum, with favorite tried and true resources from the Art of Homeschooling Team. We've homeschooled 9 children between the three of us!

This collaboration provides examples of how you can literally plan ALL possible blocks for ALL of your homeschool years ~ Grades 1 to 8 ~ in a SIMPLE and DOABLE way.

These block layouts will save you so much time searching and searching for the perfect resource. And will show you possibilities for planning your year with one block topic per month.

  • 17 pages of topic and resource suggestions that meet your WHOLE child right where he/she is
  • Developmentally nourishing themes, books, and stories
  • Suggested blocks for each month of each grade

Think about these EIGHT years’ worth of Block Topics & Resources as a huge hug from the previous generation of homeschoolers. We want you to relax and be taken care of. An offering from our hearts to yours!

Just starting your homeschooling journey? Check out our Homeschool Simplicity collection which includes these Block Topics & Resources.

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