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The Gardener Book Hearth Guide


Explore this beautiful story of how a young girl’s passion brings light to others with The Gardener Book Hearth Guide. 

This Book Hearth Guide gives you creative teaching ideas for a 2-week lesson block (with lots of ideas for expanding that) based on The Gardener by Sarah Stewart ~ a beautifully illustrated story of love and perseverance that’s a heartwarming read-aloud for all ages. 

Coupling the book with our Book Hearth Guide gives you a simple way to plan a whole month of learning without stress and overwhelm. Choose which themes and connections you want to focus on, get a copy of the book, and begin exploring. 

What is the Book Hearth? The Book Hearth approach is a unique, comprehensive way to bring stories and lessons to your children or students. This approach was created by two homeschool moms to give you lesson plans for a month of learning experiences with children in different grades.

Book Hearth Guides show you the simplicity of centering learning around just one book for one block. You can pick a single book for the whole family and build your main lesson work around that story while delivering the lessons individually to each child. 

Each Book Hearth Guide is built on 5 anchor points: Story, Self, Senses, Strengths, and Sharing. When you intentionally integrate these anchor points into your teaching, your students will gain knowledge, build academic and life skills, and take part in memorable learning experiences.

As parents, you’ll discover the freedom of building multi-age homeschooling blocks around just ONE book. Book Hearth Guides offer you flexible plans to save you time.


  1. Gain knowledge, build academic & life skills
  2. Take part in memorable experiences together as a family
  3. Build a family culture of learning, living, and loving through literature


One 6-page printable full of clear guidance that includes:

    • Overarching themes & connections to Waldorf curriculum topics
    • Unique learning experiences, Book Hearth Bricks, all related to the story like living frugally for a day in the way Lydia Grace’s family had to, writing letters including details that tell a story, and planting a window box of beautiful flowers or learning to bake bread ~ over 25 unique ideas!
    • Wonderful Quotes from the story and Poems & Songs to go along with it
    • Sample Main Lesson Block for a 2-week block with activity suggestions so you can bring the book to life with the lively arts
    • Conversation Starters
    • Go-Along Book Basket suggestions so you can discover great go-along books for various ages
    • And more!

Book Summary of The Gardener
The Gardener is the story of a young girl whose parents have both lost their jobs during the Depression. She goes to live with her uncle in the city and takes her passion for gardening with her. Lydia Grace Finch brings a suitcase full of seeds to the big gray city, where she goes to stay with her Uncle Jim, a cantankerous baker. There she initiates a gradual transformation, bit by bit brightening the shop and bringing smiles to customers' faces with the flowers she grows. But it is in a secret place that Lydia Grace works on her masterpiece - an ambitious rooftop garden - which she hopes will make even Uncle Jim smile. Author Sarah Stewart introduces readers to an engaging and determined young heroine, whose story is told through letters written home, while David Small's illustrations beautifully evoke the Depression-era setting. 

What grades is The Gardener recommended for? This book is generally recommended for grades 1-3. Our Book Hearth Guide gives you lots of ideas for including both younger and older learners as well.

Want to read a more complete description of the Book Hearth approach? Click here for An Introduction to the Book Hearth.

Did you know? The Gardener Book Hearth Guide is included inside the Grades 1-4 Book Hearth Bundle! If you’re looking for a collection of three guides that will give you months of lesson plans and activity ideas, this bundle is for you!

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship. The book is not included, only the Book Hearth Guide.

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